Bug Report #4422

[Validation] decimal message doesnt use :param2 value

Added by Ivan Brotkin about 3 years ago.

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Here is quick example:

$data = array(
   'float'  => '123.45',
$valid = Validation::factory($data)->rule('float', 'numeric', array(':value', 2, 4));
if (! $valid->check()) {
   echo Debug::vars($valid->errors('validation'));

This will produce an error:

"float must be a decimal with 2 places"

But this is incorrect message for checked value. May be we need a special method like Validation::error_message($rule, $params), which will analyze param count? And something like this in message files:

'decimal'  => array(
   'default'   => ':field must be a decimal with :param2 places',       // default message
   '3'         => ':field must be a decimal in :param3.:param2 format', // 3 params message       

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