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Whitelist properties in ORM

Added by John Heathco over 2 years ago. Updated 12 months ago.

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Target version:Kohana v3.x - v3.4.0
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After the attack on github recently showed the vulnerabilities associated with having models allow all-access to their properties, the Rails community decided to lock up their models by defaulting to a whitelist way of allowing access to properties.

We should do the same. Currently, I'm sure many users do the following:

// In controller action
$model = ORM::factory('model');

The problem here lies in the fact that a user may inject additional POST values in order to set values in the model that your application was not expecting. If you don't lock these down manually, you open yourself up to allowing a malicious user to modify SQL fields they shouldn't have access to.

A possible solution (similar to what was implemented in Rails) is to create a mandatory whitelist property where you specify the attributes of the model that can be changed using the mass setting methods (such as values)

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Revision 106a1220
Added by Kemal Delalic 12 months ago

Refs #4497: ORM::values() second param isn't optional anymore

Revision bce74b4d
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Merge pull request #96 from kemo/3.4/develop

Refs #4497: ORM::values() second param isn't optional anymore


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#3 Updated by dp de over 2 years ago

Just use

// In controller action
$model = ORM::factory('model');
$model->values($this->request->post('model'), array('allowedfield1', 'allowedfield2', '...'))->save();

instead of
// In controller action
$model = ORM::factory('model');

I do not think there is a reason for this whitelist property. In my point of view its better to make the second parameter of the values method required.

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Hopefully everyone switched to passing in the fields as the second parameter to values()… I'm going to remove the default behavior and make this required in 3.4.0.

#5 Updated by Kemal Delalic over 1 year ago

@Lorenzo array $expected should probably be renamed to $columns or $keys

#6 Updated by Kemal Delalic 12 months ago

What's the current status of this one? Should NULL still remain allowed as second param for the lazy ones?

#7 Updated by Lorenzo Pisani 12 months ago

We should make the change to make it required, feel free to send me a PR and I'll merge it in.

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