Bug Report #4833

Problem with folder structure?

Added by Dai Jobou 10 months ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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Target version:v3.3.2
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I have upgraded to v3.3.2 and (I think) I founded a bug in folder structure.

My Controller:

class Controller_Folder1_Folder2_Index extends Controller



My Route:

Route::set('name', 'folder1/<id>(/<controller>)', array(
'id' => '[0-9]',
'controller' => 'xxx1|xxx2'
'directory' => 'folder1/folder2',
'controller' => 'index'

Thats not working! I must rename path to:


The second folder must be lowercase? Is this a bug?


#1 Updated by Dai Jobou 10 months ago

I think this bug report is invalid and must be changed to:

'directory' => 'Folder1/Folder2',
'controller' => 'Index'

Its a little confusing, that "controller" default section must be uppercase and as parameter before must be lowercase. ^^

#2 Updated by Sam Wilson 9 months ago

Have a look at https://github.com/kohana/core/blob/ffc8a712a513eab004a28e9fa028f91ea67eaba4/classes/Kohana/Route.php#L448

Both the controller and directory values get words capitalized, but words are only underscore-separated, and not slash-separated.

The simple fix is to use Windows.

No no! Don't do that! I'm joking: the simple fix is as Dai wrote above, to provide the correctly-capitalised folder names. :-)

Actually, the userguide indicates that the controller name should begin with a capital letter.

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