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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Target version Points
2569ORM - K2Feature RequestFeedbackNormalAdd rules/filters/callback functionsIsaiah DeRose-Wilson02/15/2010 04:04 PM2.1
4537MinionFeature RequestNewNormalAdd shutdown handler01/22/2013 02:18 AM1
1849EmailFeature RequestNewNormalAdd support for HA and LB transportsBen Rogers07/17/2009 08:47 PM2.4
1314MogileFS Client LibraryFeature RequestNewNormalAdd support for listing / adding and removing classes.10/28/2010 07:35 AM0.2.0
1313MogileFS Client LibraryFeature RequestNewNormalAdd support for listing / adding and removing domains.10/28/2010 07:35 AM0.2.0
2496Kohana v2.xFeature RequestNewNormalAdd Support for Multiple pre_filters in ORMBen Rogers02/02/2010 01:05 AM2.4.1
4626Kohana v3.xFeature RequestFeedbackNormalAdd Text::readable_list() methodLorenzo Pisani12/22/2013 01:56 PMv3.4.01
2483Kohana v2.xFeature RequestNewNormalAdd token and salted hash functions to security helper04/24/2010 02:52 AM2.4.1
2438Kohana v2.xBug ReportAssignedNormalAdd Transaction Support to DB BuilderIsaiah DeRose-Wilson04/24/2010 02:56 AM2.4.1
2666Kohana v2.xBug ReportNewNormalAdd try-catch to Kohana::shutdown()03/02/2010 09:41 PM2.4.1
4279UserguideFeature RequestNewNormalAdd warning about the precedence for operators AND/OR 09/25/2011 03:52 PM1
4181Kohana v3.xFeature RequestNewNormalAdd `Arr::set()`12/30/2011 04:16 PMUnscheduled1
3619ORMBug ReportAssignedNormalAdd() should be queued if the record isn't in the dbLorenzo Pisani12/30/2011 04:15 PMUnscheduled
2842DatabaseBug ReportAssignedNormalAdding an db expression to the Where is trickyWoody Gilk12/30/2011 04:13 PMUnscheduled
3685Kohana v3.xBug ReportNewNormaladditional white space sniffs02/08/2011 03:04 PM
1592Kohana v2.xBug ReportReviewNormalafter save() in Image library, the image info should be updated03/16/2011 04:37 PM2.4.1
2055FormoBug ReportAssignedNormalAjaxval does not respect element's error_msg_classBen Midget09/20/2009 10:30 PM1.2
2052FormoBug ReportAssignedNormalAjaxval does not work with CommentsBen Midget09/20/2009 10:29 PM1.2
2059FormoBug ReportAssignedNormalajaxval->add_jquery()Ben Midget09/05/2009 11:41 PM1.2
4448Kohana v3.xBug ReportNewNormalAlias key for error array02/14/2012 01:26 PM1
4238Kohana v3.xBug ReportNewNormalAll code inside switch cases should be indentedChris Bandy08/28/2011 12:30 PM2
3520ORMFeature RequestAssignedNormalAllow a database connection to be injected into an ORM modelIsaiah DeRose-Wilson01/31/2012 05:20 AMUnscheduled
3987Kohana v3.xPatchNewNormalAllow Arr::extract to support multidimensional array12/30/2011 04:16 PMUnscheduled
4243Kohana v3.xFeature RequestNewNormalAllow autoloading classes from PHAR12/30/2011 04:16 PMUnscheduled1
4673Kohana v3.xFeature RequestNewNormalAllow comments on same line as if statementYehuda Katz12/10/2012 01:31 AM1

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