• Access Log

    A full featured access logger that aims to give the same information as Google Analytics.

  • ACL, Authen- & Authorization

    A simple & safe Authentication Library

    Zend_ACL completely rewritten & improved for Kohana use.

    Object level authorization library

    Kohana 2.3.x :
    Kohana 3.0:

  • Auto Modeler

    Simple, easy to use CRUD and ORM library

  • Canonical

    Create shortened URL's using a wide selection of canonical URL services

  • CouchDB

    CouchDB is a module providing object oriented interaction with the RESTful CouchDB Key-Value store.

  • CSRF

    A simple library for protecting against cross site request forgery.

  • CSV Library

    Library to ease the use with working with CSV files.

  • cURL Library

    The cURL library is a simple object oriented wrapper class for the standard PHP cURL functions. This helps make large cURL routines reusable and better decoupled.

  • Documentor

    Documentor is an online tool to convert PHP class code first to HTML, and subsequently to Redmine Wiki format.

  • DOM Library

    The DOM library is a simple object oriented wrapper class for the standard PHP DOM XML functions. This helps make large DOM routines reusable and better decoupled. Chores, such as appending a child to its parent, are cleaner and intuitive.

  • Editor

    A simple library for working with various WYSIWYGs and other Text Editors. Current version already has drivers for FCKeditor, Tiny_MCE and MarkItUp.

  • Formo

    NOTE: Formo 2.0 for Kohana 3 is currently in development and available at Github.

    Formo is to forms what ORM is to models.

    It's propose is to make form generation and validation object-oriented and just plain easy with simple syntax and flexible design principles. ...

  • Frache

    A very simple Fragment Caching helper that works with the built in Cache lib to allow you to cache 'fragments' of your view files.

  • FTP Library

    The FTP library is a simple object oriented wrapper class for the standard PHP FTP functions. This helps make large FTP routines reusable and better decoupled.

  • Gravatar

    Gravatars are universal avatars available to all web sites and services. Users must register their email addresses with Gravatar before their avatars will be usable with this module. Users without Gravatar's can have a default image of your selection.

  • Jelly

    A flexible ORM for Kohana 3

  • KForm

    KForm is a configuration-driven stuff for easy form management - you only need a php array for defining your form, and a few lines in your controllers. It's going to provide wide support for validation and I18n.

  • Kohana Debug Toolbar

    The Kohana Debug Toolbar module mimics Symfony's Developer Toolbar. It displays useful stats and information in a toolbar at the top of the page.

  • Kohana Redmine Plugins

    Kohana Redmine Plugins - We're not ruby devs - bear that in mind when reading the code ;)

  • Kohana Thumblizr

    Implementation Thumblizr Api for Kohana (web screenshots via

  • Kohana WordPress

    Kohana-for-Wordpress v1.2 Beta.

    The source, wiki and issues for this project is being managed at See the following links.

    Kohana 3.0 for Wordpress

    Wordpress for Kohana 3.0...

  • KohanaPHP 2 - Docs Module

    KohanaPHP 2 - Documentation Module

  • ktwitter

    KTwitter is an Twitter library for Kohana based on the new Oauth login procedure. I know there is already a great twitter library but this uses the old username/password method. Twitter now prefers you to use Oauth - and I think that's a good idea from a security perspective....

  • Migrate

    Database Migration Module

    To use:
    Install the module, access in your browser(if IN_PRODUCTION is set to false) from here you can add new migrations, which are simply fully working pieces of SQL code that will alter your table structure....

  • Minify

    Introducting Minify. It’s just a simple wrapper around jsmin and cssmin to turn it into a Kohana Library. The library handles the minification, setting the correct headers and Gzipping the output for smaller files (based on the rules set out by Yahoo for faster sites)....

  • MogileFS Client Library

    MogileFS is an open source distributed filesystem by Danga Interactive

    This module provides a library for accessing and storing data in a MogileFS cluster - see the wiki for docs.

    See for more info on MogileFS....

  • Morf

    Morf is a form creation library for Kohana. It has been designed to ease the generation and rendering of HTML forms from a controller, library or helper within Kohana.

    Unlike Forge, Morf does not provide any inbuilt validation. All validation should be handled by the Validation library included with the standard Kohana distribution....

  • MPTT Library

    The Modified Preorder Tree Traversal library helps you manage your data with the left and right data structure. No recursion takes place so it's very efficient.

  • MSSQL Database Driver - sqlsrv

    Database driver that uses the new SQL Server driver for PHP from MS (native connexions with all flavors of 2005 and 2008 SQL server)

  • Multi-Lang Module

    A simple (hopefully) drop in module to allow for easily setting up multi-lingual sites. eg and

    Check the Files section to download the latest version of this module.

    Also check the Wiki for the documentation....

  • Require SSL

    This module will allow you to require SSL for certain pages on your site.

  • S3 Module

    Allows uploading files to Amazon S3 storage with caching.

    Check the wiki page for Usage Guide.

  • Simple-Modeler

    Modified (a lot) version of Auto Modeler by Jeremy Bush.

  • ORM Class Inheritance

    You want your model's data spread across multiple tables?
    You want ORM inheritance.

    No seriously, you really want it

  • PostgreSQL Database Driver

    Database driver for the native PostgreSQL functions.

    A Kohana 3 version is hosted at GitHub

  • Restful

    The Restful module provides support for creating applications using the Kohana 2.x framework that conform to the RESTful design pattern. This allows detection of the requested response format and handling of the four natural RESTful states, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE. (Note: PUT and DELETE are not supported yet by web browsers)...

  • Simple Forum

    A simple and easy to use forum system that integrates into a Kohana application.

  • Simple Photo Gallery

    A simple photo gallery to upload and view photos.

  • Simple-Auth

    Simple and flexible authorization module powered by Simple_Modeler.

  • Stomp

    A simple wrapper for integrating the Stomp PHP Client from FUSEForge with Kohana.

    Tested to work with Apache ActiveMQ.

  • Supybot FloodPrevent

    Supybot FloodPrevent is a simple plugin to add flood prevention to Supybot. It's easily configured and has support for per-channel settings.

    This is NOT a module for Kohana, but a project endorsed by the devs.

  • Table Library

    A library for generating HTML tables, with rich rendering options, filters, callbacks, custom HTML injection, various optimization options, and more.

  • Timezone Helper

    A simple helper to assist you in displaying and setting timezone data.

  • Twig Module

    Kohana module for the Twig template engine.

  • Twitter Library

    Twitter library plugin for Kohana. The full Twitter API is supported. Please notify us of any changes to Twitter's API.

  • Unit Converter Module

    Unit conversion for kohana. A simple and powerfull module that supports all kind of measurement unit conversion.


    An interface to the UPS SOAP servers. If you plan to integrate UPS Services into your site take a look at this module. Currently supports UPS Address Validation tool and UPS Shipping tool

  • WebDB, a DB UI module for K3

    A database user-interface system (à la phpMyAdmin, but without the administrative capabilities, and suitable for non-technical users) built as a module for Kohana 3.

  • Widget Helper

    The widget helper makes it easy to push different views into different regions of your page template.

  • XMLRPC Library (Example/Demo)

    This is a 3-part demo of using Kohana as an XMLRPC service and client.

    Part 1 is a 're-package' of the Incutio XMLRPC Library ('IXR'), which is required by both server and client. Part 2 is the service module. Part 3 is the client module.

    This demo implements a simple server 'watchdog' webservice which can provide reporting on the server, such as disk usage, free memory and running processes....

  • XSLT View Library

    The XSLT View Library provides View Library like functionality targeted for XML data sets and XSLT Transform Stylesheets. It eases element substitution within loaded XML documents and ensures the transform process is transparent and intuitive.

  • Yahoo Query Language

    Yahoo! makes a lot of structured data available to developers, primarily through its web services. These services require developers to locate the right URLs and documentation to access and query them which can result in a very fragmented experience. The YQL platform provides a single endpoint service that enables developers to query, filter and combine data across Yahoo! and beyond. YQL exposes a SQL-like SELECT syntax that is both familiar to developers and expressive enough for getting the right data. Through the SHOW and DESC commands we enable developers to discover the available data sources and structure without opening another web browser....

  • Zend ACL

    Zend ACL is a Kohana module port of the Zend ACL classes included in Zend Framework v1.6. It provides powerful, object-oriented, and decoupled routines for creating, managing, and querying an ACL.

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