NOTE: Formo 2.0 for Kohana 3 is currently in development and available at Github. http://github.com/bmidget/kohana-formo

Formo is to forms what ORM is to models.

It's propose is to make form generation and validation object-oriented and just plain easy with simple syntax and flexible design principles.

What will I get out of using Formo?

  • Fast, efficient form generation
  • Useful, flexible and powerful syntax
  • Customization
  • A clear conscience because it's open source
  • All your wildest dreams will come true!

Why are the docs on a separate site?

  • Because they look nice in doku wiki, they resemble Kohana's official docs, and frankly I first wrote them there and at this point there's an awful lot of 'em to convert to this wiki.

This is great - how do I donate money?

Donate to Kohana because let's face it: Kohana is the bees' knees.

You are always free to donate bug tickets, feature requests, plugins, drivers and patches.

General Information

  • Tags: forms
  • Compatible Kohana Version: 2.3.x
  • SCM Location: http://source.projects.kohanaphp.com/svn/formo
  • Kohana Developer Approved: No

Issue tracking

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