Issue Reporting Guidelines

Please use the below tips when creating issues (feature requests and/or bug reports) to the Kohana developer team:

> Give the ticket a brief description of the issue.

Use English for reporting the issues and try to be focused when you describe your issue since the initial message usually is vital to your issue's lifecycle.

> Give a detailed report of the issue.

Especially when the issue is about a bug, provide a series of all the required steps in order to reproduce the problem.

> Provide a proper Version tag:

Use "2.3.4" when reporting a issue of the current released version.
Use "SVN HEAD" when reporting a issue with an unreleased feature, such as the current router module in the 2.4 branch.

Please do not use any versions previous to the 2.3.4.

> Provide a proper Milestone tag:

A milestone is which version the issue applies.
Bug fixes should be set to the next minor point release (2.3.4 currently).
Feature enhancements should be set to the next major version (2.4 currently).

In case that you can provide a solution to the issue, please provide a patch file. PLEASE do not paste code into the ticket description window, or attach ZIP files containing the new code. This may result in your ticket being delayed. If you do not know how to create a patch, please go through this.